On these pages you will find information about Kolikeskus' rental accommodation and services; cafe / ski museum, saunas, sportcenter / gym, electric car charging / caravan and holiday homes and construction sites for sale.

Through us, you can rent accommodation of different levels and prices all year round. Come hike in the beautiful scenery of Koli in summer or rent accommodation right next to the illuminated ski slope of Loma-Koli in winter. Here you will find the right accommodation solution for you! Check out the rental properties here.

Are you interested in buying a holiday home? Through us you can buy your own villa and enjoy the pure nature and breathtaking scenery of Koli whenever you want. 

Or do you want to realize your dream of building your own cottage yourself? Through us, you can also get a beautiful lot where you can build exactly the kind of cottage or villa you want. There are several different size and price options, in a large area of ​​Koli.

Contact for sale: Jukka Suninen +358 400 504 596 / jukka.suninen@remal.fi Contact for rent: kolikeskus@remal.fi                   

Current affairs

Reception / ski cafe / museum open from Fri-Sat 16-20 otherwise you can reach us by email or phone at Hiekkaniementie 2, Loma-Koli.

Welcome! Inquire about accommodation, cottages, apartments by e-mail kolikeskus@remal.fi or call +358 400 504 596

At Kolikeskus now electric car charging option, inquire more at the reception or call +358 40 1372090

Now work out in the Sporthall gym! Gym one-time fee 9 € / hour, Loma-Koli's multifunctional and sports hall gym can already be booked to use, inquiries / reservations tel. +358 40 1372090 or +358 400 504596 or kolikeskus@remal.fi. See more here.

Come and see Koli's land offer and villas for sale. Arrange a presentation tel. + 358 400 504596

  • The last western shore plots in Käränkälampi are now available for exploration and the first 2 are now booked, book yours. Prices from 50.000 € / piece
  • 3 beach plot in Käränkälammentie with its own lakeside.
  • A few new individual plots from Käränkävaara for resale. Ask for a quote.


Terraced apartment

Terraced apartment

Holiday-Koli 4 terraced apartment
Merilänrannantie 69, Loma-Koli, 83960 Koli

Terraced apartment for 2-4 persons 48.5 m2

Living room, open kitchen, 2 bedrooms, washroom + sauna, terrace

Sports center

Sports center

Loma-Koli sports center custom saunas, gym, multipurpose hall.
Hiekkaniementie 2, Loma-Koli

Open daily.